Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free TV Anyone?

Ok so who wants a free TV??? (me me me) i know i do!!! :) well we all have a chance to win!!! its simple and takes only a couple of minutes. all you have to do is log into your facebook and "like" GoJane then just click here, make sure you give it a few minutes to load or else nothing comes up, all you have to do is fill in your name, address, phone, email and that's it!!! you have to be over 13 and live in the US. hurry up because you only have til June, 24th to sign up. GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!

i find a lot of these free giveaways and will share every single one of them. so make sure you check my blog daily to sign up. =)


  1. Hi!! You look so beautiful! Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Follow me?

  2. hi kassandra, thankyou so much girly, im still trying to figure things out since i just started doing all this yesterday!! im so glad you like it. im trying so hard!!! LOL && of course i will :)