Tuesday, June 21, 2011


hey guys so remember my last post about the Sigma F80 brush well guess who won it! ME!!!!!!!!! how exiting is that, this means I'll have to sign up to more of these giveaways since i know i really can win :) thank you so much cosmopearls for the opportunity!!!!

now on another thought sorry for the lack of posting lately, Ive been working so much i just wanna get home and sleep but today i woke up early to do this post, since i haven't done a Seventeen Magazine Freebie in a  long time i decided to give you the code word of the day "HEAT". 
heres the link to the freebie page Seventeen Magazine 06/21/11 Freebie .

tell me if you guys like these kind of posts so i can keep giving them to you.
have an awesome day!!
xoxo -mily


  1. Great blog!! we follow you and you can follow us, if you want!!! Kisses !!