Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Model

hi girls, so today i got in the mail my new perfume. "Super Model" by Victoria's secret, I'm a sucker for Victoria's Secret and always get good deals on a lot of stuff since im a VIP angel i get very good offers that alot of you don't even know of, so i decided to share everything i know!!!  this perfume is $49 dollars for the 2.5oz and $39 for the 1.0oz. regular price. but little did you know i got my 2.5oz (which is huge) for just $12.99!!!! and the 1.0oz is $9.99 you can't beat that especially because its VS!!! and it smells so good! so i definitely recommend everybody to get it!!! if you want it i suggest you order it ASAP because its such a good deal I'm sure it wont last long lol. i hope you guys like it as much as i do. I'm posting the link to it just in case you do want it. Victoria's Secret- "Super Model".

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xoxox -mily


  1. aw sucha cute blog so far!! love it!!!!
    im def subscribing :)

    Please Check out my Blog!!

  2. thankyou scarlett!!!! make sure u keep checking back caz i have alot of cool things comming up!! :)

  3. such a cute blog!

    i love the design, what's the name of the font you have on your blog titles? :)

  4. @trend steps- thankyou so much!! & you know what im not gonna lie i have no idea how i even put that as my font!!! sure i'll figure it out sooner than later but when i do; i'll let u know :)