Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goodbye Makeup

hey guys; if your like me you HATE taking off your makeup after coming home from a long day i have the perfect thing for you!!! its so bad to sleep with makeup on for endless reasons. i have tried a lot of different things to remove my makeup like washing my face with shampoo to get the mascara off, baby wipes, the MAC & Olay makeup removal wipes, lotion, even taking a shower just to take my makeup off lol. but honestly i was never really satisfied with any of those things. i feel that the MAC wipes left my face way too greasy and i hated them, besides $18 for 46 wipes seems a little too much for makeup removal. one day my sister introduced me to the "Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes" it comes in a pack of 2, you get a total of 60 towelettes per pack, but walmart has the extra value pack which gives you 120 wipes for $5, they are so gentle and are great on any skin types!! i really do recommend these to everybody!! oh and now they have something new!! a little container where u can keep them in, that one is a little more expensive (like a couple more dollars) but you wont need to buy it again, so its worth it! trust me you guys are going to love them! I'll leave the links under so you guys check it out.


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